Cowgirl Expressions Terms of Service must be read and agreed upon.  A summary of its contents is below.
BEFORE WORK WILL BEGIN: (“Client”) must read and agree to the Terms of Service and fill out the form below. Payment must be made in full.
DESCRIPTIONS: (“Client”) must make every effort to clearly describe and convey the vision of the graphic (ie: colors, theme, name, content, requirements) based upon the guidelines of the agreed upon service.   Unless otherwise agreed upon, only 1 (one) concept will be provided, with up to 3 revisions available.  (Additional concepts can be provided at an additional rate.)
DELIVERY OF PRODUCT:  All files will be delivered ELECTRONICALLY either via email and/or a download link.
REFUNDS: Because Cowgirl Expressions provides a service and files are sent electronically, there are no refunds. This helps reinforce (“Client”) to be proactive in providing solid, concise information for Designer.
COPYRIGHTS / LICENSING: Images may not be altered, re-used, re-published, or re-broadcast in any media form outside agreed upon project guidelines without express written permission of Cowgirl Expressions, and must maintain the Cowgirl Expressions copyright notation as required.  Herewith, images may not be placed on multiple websites, unless the expressed written consent of Cowgirl Expressions is obtained -or- unless the Special being offered specifically states it is acceptable.
WARRANTIES: All designs are provided as-is without any implied warranty. Cowgirl Expressions, and its subsidiaries, in whole or in part, are not liable for damages, including but not limited to, loss of profits and business interruptions.  (“Client”) agrees and warrants they are over 18 and of legal age to enter a contract in the State of Ohio.
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Rodeo Ramsey Sign

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Cowgirl Terms of Use

Cowgirl Expressions - Antique License Plate Cowgirl Expressions - Your Ticket to Expressive Design Cowgirl Expressions - Your Ticket to Expressive Design Antique Photo of Cowgirl on Bucking Horse Antique Photo of Cowgirl on Rearing Horse Skull Horseshoe
Coffee Stain Coffee Cup Antique Photo of Cowgirl Pals Antique Six-Shooter

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