Website Design Intern Wanted

Have you ever wanted to learn the world of web design? Are you a budding graphic designer and want to expand your business to offer web design services too? Do you already offer web design but perhaps want to brush up on your skills without having to invest 2-4 years in school? Have you ever thought about becoming a Freelancer? If you’ve ever wanted to learn table-less CSS layout or WordPress or how to manage clients or want to dip into the world of Social Media marketing, we have a wonderful, exciting opportunity for you!

The Good:

Cowgirl Expressions works with many wonderful clients and businesses and exciting products. We attend a lot of local shows and equine expos. We are always expanding our services and clientele and looking for new innovative ways to reach out to customers. We have many clients and business associates (and friends!) in many parts of the country. Due to our national (and global) reach, we are able to accept an intern from any part of the country (and would actually prefer that). Since we don’t have a brick-and-mortar office building, it makes telecommuting extremely easy. The only thing required is an internet connection!

The Bad:

This is currently an unpaid internship. Depending on the future workload and client case work, we may be able to expand the position to offer something additionally, but that really all depends on the individual and the work. Hours are extremely flexible. We’d prefer someone who is able to devote at minimum 5hrs/wk but of course the more hours you can work the better. If you are in college and need an internship/externship position, we are willing to talk to the career department and discuss requirements to get you credit for school. But don’t let that put you off. Sometimes you just have to jump in and be willing to work in order to gain experience, knowledge, and job training. Think of it as a free learning opportunity!

The Requirements:

The only real requirement is an internet connection and willingness to learn.  However, any of the following will be helpful:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator experience and software
  • Working knowledge of the internet and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • Web design and development skills like CSS and PHP
  • Any knowledge or understanding of overall web standards
  • Ability to self-start and work independently and remotely
  • Equine experience, preferably in the western or barrel racing industry, but any general horse knowledge is good

If you think you fit the bill and want more information, please visit the Pony Express and drop us a line with any information you feel is important and any questions you’d like clarified.  Looking to have someone start ASAP as we have a ton of great projects in the works!  We’ll be taking informal applications until the right candidate is found.