Wanted: Mare/Filly, or…a Male.

I want a mare or filly… or even a male! and, of course, for free! I just want anything as long as it’s free.

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Genital Horses for Sale!

Two Q Horses need a home ! – $300 (Frazee ,Mn) Date: 2009-11-11, 3:26PM CST Reply to: xxxxx@craigslist.org Hi i have two Q Horses that need a home a 12 year old mare papered and utd on shots ,and a 7 year old gelding also utd on shots ! The 12 year old mare has  …

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Saddle for two

Posted on Craigslist: 2009-11-11, 10:32PM EST Original post: this is a 2 seater saddle for sale your not going to find to many like this one. your can take your girl friend for a ride or ride one your children. this saddle is light weight. My take: Are you for real?  Aahahahaha!!!!  I guess in  …

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New website launch and a THANKSGIVEaway!

Our website has recently been re-designed, and to commemorate that, we’ve decided to give away FREE FLYERS! Need a stallion ad designed? Want something for your small farm business? Check it out today! Giveaway ends on Thanksgiving Day 2009!

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Cowgirl Living 2.0

With the advent of the internet, cell phones, chat rooms, and text messages, some common courtesies have gone out the window. This article includes tips and suggestions on how a cowgirl should heed the mantra her mother always spoke.

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Where Is My Easy Button?

It would be nice if there was an “easy button” for everything, including web design, but we all know that’s not the case. However, here are some tips that will help you have a better working relationship with your web designer.

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Some important things to remember when advertising your horse.

It happens more often than not. You see an ad for a horse for sale that you may be interested in. You click, and the ad is full of misspelled words, grammatical errors, and terrible photos… and sometimes even more!

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Cross browser testing helps you stand out above the rest.

Have you ever designed a website and thought how wonderful it looked only to be shocked when you see it on your friend’s computer screen? Why does it look different? What can you do to fix it? Read further to find out more about why Cross Browser Testing and development make you stand out above  …

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