WINNER: 500 Free Business Cards

We have a winner for our 2010 Thanks Giveaway contest for free business cards. Congrats to Daphne Watson, your name was picked as the winner!  An email will be sent to initiate contact so check your inbox for a message from Cowgirl Expressions! Thank you EVERYONE who participated.  You can view the entries and contest  …

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Website Design Intern Wanted

Have you ever wanted to learn the world of web design? Are you a budding graphic designer and want to expand your business to offer web design services too? Do you already offer web design but perhaps want to brush up on your skills without having to invest 2-4 years in school? Have you ever thought about becoming a Freelancer? If you’ve ever wanted to learn table-less CSS layout or WordPress or how to manage clients or want to dip into the world of Social Media marketing, we have a wonderful, exciting opportunity for you!

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Thanks-giveaway! 500 Free Business Cards!

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is the day which we come together with friends and family and reflect upon what we’re thankful for. Among many, many other things, I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of through the ownership of my own business. I’ve meet many new people, made many new  …

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Your Word is Your Handshake

In the day and age where many, if not all, business agreements are concluded via email, telephone, or some other method in which the parties are not face-to-face, your word becomes your handshake. In the days of yore, a deal was signed, sealed & delivered with a handshake. It represented the type of Cowgirl or  …

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Raster vs. Vector

I’ve recently been trying to explain this to a few new clients so thought I would write it down for future reference. As a client having any kind of web or graphic design work done, whether it be a logo or a complete e-commerce shopping cart system, it is important to know a little bit  …

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#HorseChat on Twitter & 10% Discount Offer

Thank you for visiting #HorseChat on Twitter! Tonight we discussed Graphic & Website Design and its importance in the Equine Industry. We also discussed Social Media marketing on #HorseSoMe at 10PM EST immediately after #HorseChat. If you missed the chat you can read some of the important topics and tips below. If you were a  …

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WPMU.org Hits 100!

WPMU.org is a development firm offering MANY plugins and themes for WPMU, but you may be asking yourself “what the heck is WPMU?” You’re probably familiar with WPMU and may not even realize it. WordPress.com runs WPMU (WordPress Multiple Users) version, and our soon-to-be-launched Ranchstead (a “do-it-yourself” website builder for the equine, ranch and rodeo  …

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22 Minute Interview – Ashley Whyland, PRCA/WPRA and IPRA Barrel Racer

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22 Minute Interviews – Barrel racers, Rodeo producers, Roughstock riders & more!

A new feature coming to Cowgirl Expressions: The 22 Minute Interview Over the course of the next few months, we will be contacting Barrel racers, Rodeo producers, Roughstock riders, Business owners and more in this new and exciting section of Cowgirl Expressions.  Other websites may offer you a complete look into the lives of your  …

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Why we require your sites be hosted on our servers.

There are many reasons why we require your site be hosted on our servers. I’d like to list a few of them below. Security. Different hosts have different security settings and it’s hard for us to know what is acceptable and what is not. It also works the other way around. If you’re on a  …

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