Pardner: is a Classified Ads website for the Barrel Racing & Rodeo industries. They offer free photo ads for 15 days and VERY INEXPENSIVE featured ad upgrades. Fast becoming one of the top barrel horse classified ad sites on the net.
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The website was originally an online community with message forums and chat room and other things of that nature. However, there were already several websites that offered these services. needed to switch over to be strictly a classified ads site. The goal, however, was to make it unique, and easy to use.
Cowgirl role:
Bringing a rich deep brown wooden background gave the website some depth. The gold accent color was used to indicate money or finance, to help potential visitors feel more in the "buying" mood. A content management system was setup to accept ad submissions instantly and a payment gateway was implemented to process those submissions.
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I can't believe how fast it's growing!
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