Pardner: Alamo Saddlery
Alamo Saddlery is a tack manufacturing company based in Texas offering a complete line of saddles and tack.  They take pride in being the home of the ORIGINAL "Jewelry on Tack" line, which is now a very popular style.  Alamo offers a wide selection of tack from a more traditional basic western style to a higher quality Elite line.
Visual effects:
This website is no longer an original design of Cowgirl Expressions.
Task at hand:
As a wholesaler, Alamo maintains an annual catalog that highlights over 200 completely customizable tack items. They needed a website that was as rich in detail as their tack, yet easily accessible for customers and retailers alike to view both current and upcoming products.
Cowgirl role:
Alamo needed a website that reflected their rich western heritage. Working with the catalog designer, graphics were chosen to help present a unified look with the print catalog. The website was built using an existing content management system and custom designed and programmed to allow for retail dealer location searches and online ordering of factory direct wholesale closeouts.
Yeehaws and applauds:
"Looks good... you have the idea!" - Alamo Saddlery
Tidbits and trinkets:
Alamo has been online since 1998 but has been working with Cowgirl Expressions since 2005. Since coming to Cowgirl Expressions for design needs, Alamo's website has gone through 3 renovations.
Vintage classics: