Daffodil the Wondermare Cowgirl Expressions is a small freelance design company based in, but not limited to, SW Ohio. Owner/Designer, Ramsey Stoneburner, was born to be around horses.

Ramsey has grown up riding and training all different breeds and all different riding disciplines. She started riding on the next-door neighbor’s horses at a very young age and then started English horseback riding lessons by age 8. Her first horse was a 4 year old TBxQH cross whom she owned at only 13 years of age. Moving to Wyoming in 1998, she worked on a Dude Ranch as a Wrangler and Trainer. Horse Drive in Wyoming She’s handled everything from young, untouched colts to older, abused horses, and has ridden from Stadium Jumping to Barrel Racing and everything in between. Ramsey has also trained, bred, raised and shown horses. She uses gentle, yet effective, training methods based from years of studying horses.   She intends to be around horses the rest of her life and to help as many horses (and people!) as she possibly can.

With the birth of her son in 2000, some of the more physical horse-related areas of Ramsey’s life have been put on hold. Rodeo Ramsey College GradHowever, she decided to go back to school and get a degree in another subject she enjoys: Graphic Design. Ramsey has been working with computers since she was very young, and on the internet from the beginning. Between 1992 and 1994, she was a Sysop for the Horse’s Forum of CompuServ. She has been designing flyers, business cards, advertisements, logos, websites, t-shirts, and much more for a long time. As of January 2003, she has a degree in a subject to which she brings expertise. Through her horse related experience she brings a quality to her designs that many horse professionals are looking for, and that many other designers lack. If you would like to talk with Ramsey, or have any questions, please feel free to drop her a line via the Pony Express.

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