WPMU.org Hits 100!

WPMU.org is a development firm offering MANY plugins and themes for WPMU, but you may be asking yourself “what the heck is WPMU?”

You’re probably familiar with WPMU and may not even realize it. WordPress.com runs WPMU (WordPress Multiple Users) version, and our soon-to-be-launched Ranchstead (a “do-it-yourself” website builder for the equine, ranch and rodeo communities) is built using the very same software.

But to take your installation beyond the basic look and functionality, you need to give it a custom theme and implement some “plugins”. These plugins do various different things, from allowing your site to make money, to helping you optimize your site for search engines, and lots of things in between. Ranchstead.com is utilizing several of these, but since it’s still in it’s development stages, we’re not exactly sure which ones will make the final cut. Whatever they are, though, we certainly couldn’t have begun building it without the offerings and help of WPMU.org and now they’ve hit a milestone: 100 Plugins! To celebrate, they are giving away 3 free 1-year memberships and we hope to be in the running.

If you are in the website design and development industry, and use WordPress for anything, I highly recommend checking WPMU.org out!

And keep your eyes on Ranchstead.com! We hope to launch it soon and revolutionize the way your horse farm or ranch is seen online!