Why we require your sites be hosted on our servers.

There are many reasons why we require your site be hosted on our servers. I’d like to list a few of them below.

    • Security.

      Different hosts have different security settings and it’s hard for us to know what is acceptable and what is not. It also works the other way around. If you’re on a shared hosting plan for $5 or $10 a month, you have been lump summed onto a server with hundreds maybe thousands of other users. You may have the BEST system installed for security on YOUR site, but by being on a shared hosted server, your security is only as good as all the other sites on that same server.  What’s the use in locking the door if the keys are left in it?  What ONE person does could effect the WHOLE server and set your system and website up for being blacklisted on certain email accounts (such as AOL or Yahoo) or even worse, being hacked. Being on our dedicated server allows more freedom of use, while retaining all the security procedures necessary to keep your website and data safe.

        • Backups.

        Most of your shared hosting accounts either simply DON’T provide backups, or you have to pay extra for them. On our dedicated servers, your site and data is backed up daily, weekly, and monthly. If for any reason there is a hardware problem, or you need access to previously backed-up data, your data is safe can be instantly retrieved from one of our backups.

          • Capabilities.

          This one is slightly harder to understand.  There are different options on every server that can be configured any number of ways. Something as simple as one minuscule change can severely affect how your website works (and maybe it won’t work at all!). One example of this is trying to run WordPress on GoDaddy shared hosting.  Among many other reasons, they seriously oversell their accounts which contribute to slow websites, they don’t have an actual control panel, and more often than not we have to tweak our code just so it will work on their servers.  Follow this link to a post on WPconfig.com to find out more information on why GoDaddy hosting is Bad.

            • Ease of use.

            Simply put, it is much easier to work on a system that we are familiar with.  This increases our ability to better serve you!

              • Besides, we Rock, and why wouldn’t you want your website to be on our Rock Star hosting servers?