Some important things to remember when advertising your horse.

I’ve seen some pretty crazy things in my day, and often wonder WHAT people are thinking when they try and market their horse (and other products) online or in the paper.   Below you will find a list of some of the most important things to remember when advertising your horse or other item, with some examples of what not to do.

  1. Spelling & Grammar.

    Correct spelling and complete sentences are vital to selling your horse.  You want to come across as polite and respectful, and most importantly knowledgeable.  You will have a better chance of having selling your horse on the internet with a properly worded ad.  It is For Sale not For Sell, and Conformation not Confirmation.   It’s Filly – Not Philly or Phillie.  You’re not riding a Cheesesteak sandwich. Gelding – not guilding or gilden.  Saddle, not saddel.  Bridle, not bridel, briddel, or bridal.  You’re not going to a wedding.  You get the idea.  If you’re not sure, check a dictionary.

  2. Basic Horsemanship.

    Knowing that a “hand” is equal to 4 inches (and therefore understanding and not listing your 15.2 hand horse as 15.5) helps people to think you might know what you’re talking about and will be helpful when promoting your ad.

  3. Take Good Photos.

    We don’t want to see photos of Trigger running away from you.  We don’t want to see photos of Trigger under saddle.  Your photos should be of a good angle that compliments your horse, as well as give a good view of its conformation.

  4. Color.

    Please don’t make up a color to make your horse sound rare and exotic.   Using association acceptable colors by APHA and AQHA is the best route.  Your rare “pintalino” is actually a palomino paint, mkay?

  5. Avoid Texting Type.

    4sale 2yr gr8 stud u have 2 c 2 believe. This is extremely hard to read. Don’t do it.

  6. Pedigree.

    If its not ON the papers, it’s probably not worth mentioning. Also, if your horse is Impressive bred anywhere in its ancestry, please list it’s HYPP status in your ad! If you haven’t had your horse tested, then be responsible and DO SO prior to selling! And please put your horse’s extended pedigree online at the free pedigree service – it’s free, why not?  If your horse is pure bred, it makes it really easy for someone to research the horse’s bloodlines.

More often than not, I come across horse ads on the internet that violate more than one of the above mentioned guidelines.  Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re just down right ridiculous.  But whatever they may be, here they are for your enjoyment.


Oh. My. Well.  Is $200 really negotiable?  Will you take $5 if I pull off the tick myself?  And what exactly is an Apple-Oosa?

QH Stud $300. Good looking 20 month old QH stud.  Have papers from both parents and he hasn’t dropped yet.  Built like a thropy horse.

He hasn’t dropped what yet? Hmmm?  And what is a Thropy horse?

i need somone to help me castrate my horse

Buddy, do your horse a favor…take him to a licensed veterinarian to have him gelded! “do it yourself’ castration is barbaric. If you’re too broke to pay for a vets services…you’re really too broke to even OWN a horse…